23 January 2009

My topic

For all those of you who have been asking recently. The topic of my thesis is: Die Heimatproblematik Russlanddeutscher Mennoniten am Beispiel eines Liederbuches!
Sorry, I have no clue how to really translate it into English, but it has something to do with the following: Russian Mennonites that migrated to Germany, songbooks & home (gosh, how to translate “Heimat”?). I am trying to draw up a parallel between their unsettled lifestyle and wish of returning to Germany with all feelings of being strangers and not belonging and their believes of finding a final home in heaven and being on the way towards it, worded out in some of their popular songs.
Ok, back to work! 11 days till hand in…

P.S. I did not anything about approaching that person (see post before). I guess it has to wait for now.

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