14 February 2009


Just a (hopefully) short update about what is currently going on in my life.

I handed in my BA (Bachelor of Arts) thesis last week and with that finished the last big requirement for my studies has been accomplished. Officially I am still a student, but practically I am free to do what I want to do.
That’s what I did last week and got sick right away. Nothing severe but I spend my time half awake and actually think I did caught up on all my sleeping.
I am still profiting from my students card and did travel to Mosbach for almost free. There I spend my first three days in the office and trying to establish myself in the new responsibilities. It was a busy time down there with a lot of work. I started of with 250 emails in my inbox and know now that I worked through them all, though my inbox is still not empty. In the evenings I visited people and was busy again.
Now I am home for another week that I want to spend finding time for people around me. That really came a bit short lately. Plus I might go and travel a bit and start packing down my stuff.
I still don’t haven an apartment in Mosbach. The first one I was really interested in got to someone else. Now I have another one lined up. Some details still need to be confirmed, but I would like that one. I’ll let you know what will come of it.
Last but not least, last Sunday my church had a blessing and missionary service to send me out. It was truly a nice service. Andreas was there to preach and I did a short presentation on OM ships ministry and my future within OM. Later on we had about 30 people for lunch at our place and some more came later in the afternoon. I had a bit of a headache and still felt sick, but it was a lovely day.

I think these are all important happenings. As the title states I am currently in-between two places (home & Mosbach) and two statuses (student & working missionary). I do not really mind, as it brings some freedom with it. I guess I can be pretty flexible and don’t mind going with the flow. But it makes it difficult to answer all the questions people ask. I guess the certainty I long most for right now is actually having an apartment all lined up. It would make planning much easier to actually visualize the place I will live in, but I just have to wait a bit longer.

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