28 May 2009

still alive

Wow! it´s been some time...
But I am still alive, no need to worry!

Lot´s and lot´s has happened in the last weeks and month:
* I strated work
* moved into my own cozy flat
* finished university
* I clebrated my birthday (yesterday)
* made some new friends
* visited Logos Hope
* celebrated some nice parties with my family
* traveled quite a bit between MOS and LDK and some places beyond and in-between

I did quite a number of boring, grown-up stuff (paper work mainly) and some fun, still-pretending-to-be-a-student stuff in-between. I hardly did any shopping (besides groceries), did some sightseeing and a bit of resting. I did get to know new people and found time to reconnect with old friends.

There is more stability and continuty - almost too much already. But other areas are still in process and some clearitiy would be nice here.

Oh, and my German is once again screwed up. HELP!

If you want to hear details: Contact me!
If you do not know how: Leave a comment and I get back to you (most likely).
If you are not interested in specifics: Keep looking for updates here... they might come.

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