26 March 2010

One ship - spring - friends

It´s been a while (May 08 I believe)since the picture was taken. It´s me in front of Logos Hope. Now it is reallity - we do have only Logos Hope. It will make thinks easier and more difficult and what it really means for the future we still have to find out.
I thought I would have less work, but currently it is more. I guess it will change again...

Anyways, I LOVE the way to warm weather for this season. It´s so nice to finally wear lighter cloth and not having to bundle up each time you leave the house. I love the smell of spring in the air... and don´t mind the first signs of hayfever (for now). Life just feels better when the sun is shinning. You just start smiling when looking out of the window.

I keep busy with visiting friends far away or hear in Mosbach. There are many people passing through our office currently. A good way of reconnect with some and get to know others. It´s nice as well that for once I am not the youngest in the team.

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