14 April 2010

Going Home…

I was home over Easter. Home, home. “Where my parents live”-home.

Don’t you think it is funny how many places can be home at the same time?
I feel at home in Mosbach. It is my own home. But my parents place is my other home, where I lived for many years. Sometimes I just need to open the door and step in and I am back again. Back home!
I feel at home in some other places as well. At church or onboard a ship or my grandparent’s place, the house where I used to live as child and the bus that I used to take to school. Even my car is to some degree home. Ghana, and Cork and the Caribbean used to be my home, and feel so at times. Home is my office and my former work colleagues. Home is sometimes a certain song or talking to a friend and not having to explain because they just know.
There are so many different types of home really and even though it was not always easy leaving some it adds value to my life.
I love home!

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