22 April 2010

Being Caroline….

She is not really my favorite, Caroline Bingley, but that’s what I am right now. Let’s hope I play the role better then others before me. I will realize (hopefully) sooner that I have lost and (hopefully) not be as mean to others – or my self. But no matter what, it’s an unthankful position… It least there is no Lizzy around (as far as I know – there might be - no let’s not go there – I might start plotting). I am sure this is the first time I pity Caroline…
Jane puts it so nicely: Nobody minds having what is too good for them.

Are you lost? Then you are most likely a guy and/or not interested in Jane.

DISCLAIMER: I do not intend to insult anyone here. Should there be a guy who is offended by my comment as he knows and likes Jane – Well, you might actually solve the whole problem!

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