04 May 2010

A little story…a big picture

Last week my washing machine broke down and I eventually had to call a specialist to fix it. He came on Wednesdays and I can do my laundry again. Yeah!

Last Sunday after church a person comes up to me, tells me that we are one in Christ and all part of a big picture and that he wants to give me all the money he has with him. And true to his word he pulls out his purse and gives me everything, including the coins. I should use it for my own purposes. Astonished I thank him. He had no clue I would be at church that day.

Yesterday I received the bill from the company that fixed my washing machine. Guess what the cost was the amount of money I had received on Sunday. I only have to add 77 Cents to it.

Maybe it’s only a little story, but it means quite a bit to me. A lesson and an encouragement and a reminder at the same time.
Being a part of the big picture of what God is doing…

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