04 August 2010


Sometimes you have these odd things that you are suddenly thankful for that most people do not even think of.
I am thankful to be able to breath. And I am thankful to be able to smell (well, most of the time). You guessed correctly: This is about my operation.
Though happening all a lot later in the year then I had planned for I finally had my operation on July 1st. The operation went well and I really had less to struggle afterwards then I had expected hardly any pain. And the stuffed nose that I woke up with after the anesthesia did not feel half as awkward as I thought it would.
And then finally the moment where I could close my mouth and breath freely and without the feeling of not getting enough air and about to die, through my nose. Even food tasted different. Better!
Thankful for something so basic, something that every baby knows how to do.

Somewhere along the way lying in my hospital I had as well this overwhelming feeling of thankfulness for not having to pay for this whole operation, medication, care and 6 day stay in the hospital. I do not think I would have been able to afford it. Thankful for a health system that allows this.

Thankful as well for my family that took so well care of me. My mum stayed the first day with me and it was so nice to have someone care for you when you feel helpless. Most of the time I slept, but she stayed nevertheless. Then the many visits over the coming days and that I could stay first with my parents and then my aunt and family. They looked so well after me, drove me to the doctor, entertained me and let me rest when I felt weak.

Thankful for those praying and showing an interest. I never expected half as much response. Thanks for being there with me.

Thankful for now being fit again to work and look after myself. Thankful that the workload after 4 weeks of absence is not too much.

And really looking forward to the GO conference coming up in less then 3 weeks.

Thank you God!

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