20 December 2011

back in town

my blog has a new dress and I feel like coming back again. now that it is soo beautiful... :)

have recently found my way back to surfing the net. for some reason I stopped and focused more on the real life. after a break from writting of 1 1/2 years I feel ready to start up again.

Ok, here some actually interesting bits...

  • A blog I started to follow during this Christmas season and that fascinates me: Liebesbotschaft !!!This lady truly knows how to decorate. I love her style! The reason I follow her blog currentls so faithfully is a advent calender with goodies to win every day. ;) But I am sure I will continue beyond Christmas.

  • Another website for you with truely beautiful portrait and wedding photography is this one. Saw someone on facebook like it and am amazed at the quality, diversity and love this lady puts into creating these pictures. Worth having a look at even if you are not getting married! :)

  • And here the last blog for today: If you like to learn more about CF (Mukoviszidose) and want to know what it is like to live with it go check out Eva´s blog. There is no happy ending! Eva died in 2010. I read her blog like a book, from beginning to end, so can´t really tell you much of the end yet. But I find her inspiring in many aspects... very honest, but in no way dragging you down.

This year I have a book list, to keep record on what I have been reading. Currently it is "Änderungsschneiderei Los Milagros" by Maria Cecilia Barbetta. A bit freaky the whole book, but I think I will finish it. :)

Next post a bit more about the diffrent books I have been reading and what I liked about them.

Oh, and merry Christmas!!!

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